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Hot new restaurants in Singapore: December 2021 edition


"Hot on the heels of its opening, Permata has now moved on from its buffet spread to a progressive Nusantara menu. It’s led by culinary director chef Mel Dean, so you can expect the same lip-smacking Indonesian and Malay fare but with a modern approach.

We started our meal with a trio of ulam rice ball, beef salad and the namesake ceviche. The latter is chef’s take on his late native Sarawakian grandmother’s Umai with an addition of blue pea gel and orange ginger gel. Up next, a plate of rawon, which originates from East Java, served a la risotto with stewed beef, ramen egg, coconut floss, strips of tempeh and a healthy dollop of sambal for some heat.

Don’t miss out on the botok botok halibut that’s steamed with a medley of Nusantaran spices like curry paste, chilli, lemongrass and grated coconut. Another highlight? The percik lamb ribs braised for four hours. The result: fall-off-the-bone tender meat. Just take note that Permata officially opens its doors to the public on 8 Dec. Permata Singapore, 73 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198497" Honeycombers

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