Nur Mohamed Al-Badthia
 Sales & Operations Manager 

Bringing 23 years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industry in Singapore, Nur Mohamed is the Sales & Operations Manager for Gedung Kuning Singapore. Nur oversees the daily operations at Gedung Kuning and is also the go-to person when it comes to Weddings and Events at this historical mansion.

Firdauz Nasir
Executive Chef

Singaporean Muslim Executive Chef Firdauz Nasir has always been passionate about elevating his comfort food to share with the world. He believes in using old school techniques with traditional ingredients bought fresh from the local markets.


Having travelled the world at 25, Executive Chef Firdauz learnt about the different cooking techniques in Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand where he started out as a fishmonger and a cook. 


He has been trained by several MasterChefs including the late

Co-Founder of The Coconut Club,

Lee Eng Su. 


Keeping his dishes simple yet tasty, Executive Chef Firdauz is currently elevating Nusantara cuisine in Singapore.

Fajar Ali Mohd
Executive Director

With over 38 years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industry in Singapore, Fajar is the Executive Director of Gedung Kuning. He is one of the driving forces to revive nostalgic Nusantara dishes in Singapore through Permata Singapore. His passion for all things Nusantara stems from his Malay heritage which he is proud to share with both the locals and expats that visit Gedung Kuning.