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Rinna Suhaimi

Born in Singapore with Javanese descent, Rinna represents the culture and hospitality of Nusantara region.

Chef Mel Dean-min_edited.jpg
Chef Mel Dean
Culinary Director

Celebrity Chef Mel Dean has been in Singapore’s culinary scene for the last 29 years. As one of the pioneers in the early 90s, Chef Mel Dean has catered to many taste palettes including celebrities, ministers, and royalties. 

Apart from cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Chef Mel Dean, a former food columnist, is also an author and speaker. He is now the Culinary Director at Permata Singapore with a passion to launch a progressive Nusantara cuisine showcasing the vibrant diversity, indigenous ethnic flavours, while highlighting classic Nusantara dishes presented in a modern way. 

Fajar Ali-min_edited.jpg
Fajar Ali Mohd
Executive Director

With over 38 years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industry in Singapore, Fajar is the Executive Director of Gedung Kuning. He is one of the driving forces to revive nostalgic Nusantara dishes in Singapore through Permata Singapore. His passion for all things Nusantara stems from his Malay heritage which he is proud to share with both the locals and expats that visit Gedung Kuning.

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