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Halal restaurant - permata singapore.jpg
Opening Hours:
Lunch | 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Dinner | 6.00pm to 10.00pm 


Progressive Nusantara Cuisine
Halal Restaurant at Kampong Gelam

Inspired by the trade in the 1920s, where diamonds and gemstones were sold in Kampong Glam, Permata which means jewel in Malay is the Progressive Nusantara Cuisine Restaurant at Gedung Kuning.


Located at the former historic mansion Gedung Kuning at Kampong Gelam, Permata Singapore launches a progressive Nusantara cuisine showcasing the vibrant diversity, indigenous ethnic flavours, highlighting classic Nusantara dishes presented in a modern way. 


Led by Culinary Director Chef Mel Dean, Permata’s new menu reinvents a wide array of Kerabu salads, soups, small plates and mains. For starters, Nasi Ulam Cakerawala are Ulam Rice Balls mixed with sambal bajak, salted fish, rice crackers dipped with spicy turmeric gel. 

Permata Singapore is located at 73 Sultan Gate, Gedung Kuning, Singapore 198497.

Berita, Mediacorp

Restoran bufet 'Permata Singapore' pesona terbaru Gedung Kuning; dibuka 23 Apr ini​

"Dengan pilihan lebih 60 hidangan, para pengunjung pasti akan teruja untuk memilih yang mana satu akan menjadi pujaan hati atau lebih tepat lagi, perut mereka. Ini kerana makanan yang ditawarkan agak unik namun masih mengekalkan ciri-ciri nostalgia.

Sekurang-kurangnya, itulah matlamat Cef Eksekutif Permata Singapore, Firdauz Nasir.

Antara hidangan menarik yang bakal memikat para pelanggan termasuk Rendang Daging Wagyu, Ayam Binjai, Brownie Buah Keluak, Tempoyak Ikan Patin yang dihidangkan bersama Nasi Bunga Telang - yang merupakan hidangan eksklusif Permata Singapore.

Cef Firdauz mempunyai misi untuk memartabatkan hidangan nusantara di Singapura dan memastikan juadah nostalgia seperti ulam, kerabu dan lemang kekal dalam menu restoran itu, menurut kenyataan itu lagi."

Yahoo News!

"You can now feast like Malay royalty at a new buffet restaurant housed near a former palace.

Located at the Gedung Kuning (Yellow Mansion) in the Kampong Glam cultural district, Permata’s executive chef Firdauz Nasir whips up more than 60 dishes comprising some of the region’s most complex recipes that have been elevated with rare, unexpected ingredients native to the Nusantara, an old term referring to the Indonesian archipelago or “Malay world” encompassing Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Southern Thailand.

The Wagyu Beef Rendang, for example, is a rich, toasty curry cooked for long hours using over 20 different ingredients. It’s also one of the most difficult dishes to make, Firdaus told Coconuts at a recent media preview. He also finds inspiration for his dishes from his mother and grandmother, he said.

Permata, which means jewels in Malay, is owned by the same company running the Amazing Chambers escape gaming attraction located upstairs. Plans to open the buffet restaurant on the ground floor were shelved due to the coronavirus pandemic until the authorities gave the green light to operate buffets some weeks ago with safety measures in place."


"Kampong Glam welcomes a new buffet concept that spotlights Nusantara cuisine. Housed in the majestic palace of Gedung Kuning (right next to the Malay Heritage Centre), Permata takes up the first floor with an amazing spread of 60 Malay and Indonesian dishes. Get ready for a feast fit for a king! 

We started our meal (lunch from $42; dinner from $52) with ulam, a traditional Malay salad featuring a medley of cucumber, pomegranate, coriander and pennyworth. Feel free to zhush it up with prawns, mussels and langoustine from the seafood on ice station. Next up, a plate of blue rice with ayam binjai (boneless chicken leg in a sweet and spicy gravy), wagyu beef rendang and belimbing lamb. All the protein picks marry well together in taste, almost reminiscent of nasi kandar. Other noteworthy dishes include tempoyak ikan patin (catfish cooked in durian gravy) and roti jala (a savoury crepe) with chicken curry. Spice things up with six different sambal varieties, including sambal hijau and belachan."