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Gedung Kuning, a historic wedding venue in Singapore

Updated: 5 days ago

Located at Kampong Glam, Malay Heritage Centre is a popular venue for Malay weddings in Singapore. Gedung Kuning, meaning "Yellow Mansion" in Malay was probably built around the same period or slightly before the Istana Kampong Glam (present-day Malay Heritage Centre). Located next to the Malay heritage centre, Gedung Kuning was once part of a royal compound.

If you ever envisioned a royal-themed love celebration, a grand and elegant affair that will steal your guests' breath, we offer you the ideal venue for a wedding in Kampong Gelam, where your dream can come true.

Gedung Kuning is a magnificent historical building located in Singapore. Each inch of its 10,000 square feet of space seeks to capture the splendour and tradition of a real royal wedding. This grand Palladian-style palace is a perfect venue for elegant weddings or intimate yet lavish receptions.

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