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Nusantara Iftar Menu: Break Fast this Ramadan at Permata Located at Historic Mansion Gedung Kuning

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Nusantara Iftar Menu: Break Fast this Ramadan at Permata Located at Historic Mansion Gedung Kuning

Break your fast this Ramadan at Permata. Located at the historic mansion Gedung Kuning, Culinary Director Chef Mel Dean has curated a Nusantara Iftar menu consisting of appetisers, noodles, mains, desserts and a mocktail for $78++ per person.

New Nusantara dishes exclusively created for Ramadan include Nasi Opor Cakerawala, Satay Madura, Kuluban, Rendang Rusuk Minangkabau, Ayam Bekakak & Lalapan, and Taman Sari.

With a mission of reviving nostalgic dishes signature to Gedung Kuning, Chef Mel Dean has recreated Mee Maidin, an iconic dish from Kampong Gelam created in the 1940s.

Signature dishes for Ramadan such as Lemang & Serundeng, Nasi Kuning Di Raja, Bubur Som Som and Kolak Pisang will be available on the Iftar menu.

Permata’s Nusantara Iftar menu is available from

2nd April 2022 to 1st May 2022 for dinner.

24 Hours Pre-order required



Opor Rice Cakerawala

Opor chicken rice ball with sambal hijau & rice crackers

Lemang & Serundeng

Minangkabau traditional glutinous rice topped with coconut floss

Madura Satay Chicken

Madura chicken satay with rice cube topped with spicy creamy peanut sauce and pineapple salsa


Mee Maidin

Yellow noodles with thick, flavourful, spiced gravy made of udang geragau. Topped with egg, fried beancurd, lemon basil, green chili and fried shallots


Di Raja Yellow Rice

Aromatic, rich rice flavoured with lemongrass, spices, turmeric, giving it a beautiful golden yellow colour


Stir-fried spinach, french beans, bean sprouts, spices, herbs & rice crackers

Minangkabau Lamb Ribs

New Zealand lamb ribs braised in a myriad of herbs and spices, recipe from the native land of Rendang in Minangkabau

Chicken Bekakak & Lalapan

Sundanese grilled chicken with king salad, fried tempeh & sambal bajak

Baked Prawns Lomak Nenas

Baked jumbo prawns with spicy turmeric and basil cream , grilled pineapple, saute asparagus and tomato confit


Bubur Som Som

Silky rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar

Banana Kolak

A popular dessert in Indonesia, combining the well loved flavours of banana, coconut milk, palm sugar and atap seed

Taman Sari

Deconstructed Taman Sari kuih using green beans, coconut milk, palm sugar and rose water


Kasih Ramadan

Bandung Rose Lychee


Dining Gift Cards

are available - $20 / $50 / $100


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