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Final Graduation Showcase 2023 – Culinary Tech Experience

Republic Polytechnic Final Graduation Showcase 2023  – Culinary Tech Experience

Join us for the Final Graduation Showcase 2023 of Republic Polytechnic students where the brightest minds of the future will unveil their innovative projects aimed at revolutionizing the dining experience through the use of technology. This walkabout event showcases the graduating students' work and creativity, by reviving the cultural history of Gedung Kuning and the culinary inspiration of Permata SIngapore through the use of media and gamification.

Date: Thursday, 5 October 2023

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Gedung Kuning, Permata Singapore

Final Graduation Showcase 2023 – Culinary Tech Experience

Showcase Highlights from Republic Polytechnic School of Technology for the Arts

Diploma in Design for Games & Gamification

Team Rocket presents Final Project: Escape from Gedung Kuning

  • Get ready for a culinary-themed escape room experience! Team Rocket presents "Escape from Gedung Kuning," where players must collaborate to solve challenging puzzles and riddles to secure their escape. Dive into the world of Malay folklore and Nusantara cuisine as you test and enhance your culinary knowledge. Will you make it out in time?

Team PA presents Final Project: Permata Digital Escape Room

  • Are you up for a digital challenge? Team PA brings you "Permata Digital Escape Room," a thrilling game where players must guess various dishes in different virtual rooms. The complexity of the dishes increases with each level, and players have only one chance per room to guess correctly.

Team JCM presents Final Project: Permata: Flavours of History

  • Step into the shoes of a chef with Team JCM's "Permata: Flavors of History." This cooking simulator allows players to experience the thrill of preparing exquisite dishes under time pressure. With a total of 3 dishes to master, players must gather ingredients, prepare, and cook each dish. Strive for the highest score and become a culinary virtuoso!

Diploma in Media Production and Design

Team DMPD_08 presents Final Project: The Permata Experience

  • "The Permata Experience" is an exciting project aimed at marketing and innovating a restaurant that celebrates history and culture through immersive technology. Team DMPD_08 is using Augmented Reality (AR), experiential interactive projection mapping, and redesigning menus, banners, and product packaging to breathe new life into Permata. Experience the transformation firsthand and witness how technology can bring a fresh, younger audience to the iconic Gedung Kuning, a symbol of Singapore's rich history.

Bring your children along to witness the creativity of Republic Polytechnic's Diploma students from the School of Technology for the Arts at the Final Graduation Showcase 2023. Be inspired by the showcase of the capability of young talents from Republic Polytechnic. Join us at the Final Graduation Showcase 2023 – Culinary Tech Experience on October 5th, 2023, and immerse yourself in culinary tech experience.

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