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New Alfresco Dining Experience at Kampong Glam, Bumi Café

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Kampong Glam is home to some of Singapore's hip cafés and street art. Located in the Bugis area, this neighbourhood was initially populated by the Malays, Arabs and Bugis communities in the 1800s. Not only does Kampong Glam have a rich history, it is also known for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning instagrammable locations. Everywhere you turn, there are amazing things to be seen!

Are you yearning for a laid-back café in Kampong Glam? There's no better spot than Bumi Café, new café at Gedung Kuning’s courtyard opening on Friday, 10 March 2023! This casual hangout spot is perfect for when you want to relax and unwind, it may just become your new go-to café in the bustling Kampong Glam area!

In time for Ramadan 2023, the new alfresco cafe at Gedung Kuning’s courtyard will be open to give options for Gen Z and millennials who prefer a casual spot to break their fast with friends in the Kampong Glam area. The new alfresco café will be offering delightful Asian tapas throughout the Ramadan season. Bumi Café official grand opening will be at the end of April as a full-fledged casual hang-out place with weekend live music performances by talented local musicians.

About Bumi Café

Bumi Café offers a unique combination of alfresco dining style, delightful Asian tapas and live music at Kampong Glam. If you are a live music fan, spend your weekends at Bumi Café in Kampong Glam, soaking in the lively atmosphere while enjoying delightful Asian tapas. Relish the cozy dining experience under the stars at Gedung Kuning’s courtyard.


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