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Experience Ramadan in Regal Grandeur at Permata Singapore: Indulge in a 1-for-1 Iftar Buffet!

As the sacred month of Ramadan draws near, Permata Singapore extends a warm invitation for a lavish feast with our exclusive 1-for-1 Iftar Buffet. Embark on a culinary journey through the delectable flavors of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, curated by our Culinary Maestro, Chef Mel Dean.

Must-Trys for Ramadan at Permata

Kerabu Mangga Ikan Bunga Kantan

Savor the coolness of a chilled appetizer featuring Mackerel fish tossed with urap (spiced coconut floss), fresh mango, and torch ginger dressing.

Ayam Percik Kelantan

An absolute royal delight – relish spiced marinated chicken grilled over charcoal, glazed with fragrant spicy and sweet percik sauce.

Botok Botok Barramundi

Unveil a special rendition of this traditional dish, with barramundi fish steamed in the finest spices and herbs.

Chargrilled Striploin Steak

For the meat enthusiasts, delight in our chargrilled Striploin steak paired with a unique Negeri Sembilan Lomak Cili Api sauce.

Bubur Lambuk

Experience the heartiness of Bubur Lambuk, a dish straight from Kampung Gelam.

Mee Maidin

Indulge in the signature Ramadan dish featuring yellow noodles with a thick, flavorful, and spiced gravy made of udang geragau.

Mee Wak Katok

Experience an explosion of flavors with sensational, spicy, stir-fried beef noodles.

Nasi Goreng Rawon

Straight from the streets of Surabaya, relish the rustic Nasi Goreng Rawon – wok hei beef fried rice cooked in the exotic spiced buah keluak.


Enjoy the soft coconut rice, crushed and mashed into an oval shape, best savored with Ikan Bilis Sambal Hijau.

Fusion Creation - Frittata Martabak

Dive into our latest fusion of East Meets West – the Frittata Martabak.

Ramadan Special Royal Feast

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our diverse Iftar specials, featuring Shakshouka, Tulang Merah, Pulut Kuning & Serunding, Rendang Temasek, Satay, Lempeng, Roti John, Lemongrass Fried Chicken, and more.

Sweet Treats at the Dessert Corner

Conclude your Iftar with joy at our dessert corner. Indulge in sweet delights like Bubur Som Som, Cendul, Pengat Durian, Pulut Hitam, Kolak Pisang, Cek Mek Molek & Kole Kole Temasek.

Book Your Table for a Memorable Iftar

Avail our special Ramadan 1-for-1 Iftar Buffet by booking your table now! Join us at Permata Singapore for a feast fit for royalty!

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