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Ethics of Eating in Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Permata Singapore is a halal buffet restaurant located near the Malay Heritage Centre at Kampong Glam, Bugis Area, Singapore

As a MUIS Halal-certified restaurant, Permata Singapore adheres to the MUIS guidelines. MUIS stands for Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura also known as The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

A halal restaurant does not mean that the restaurant does not accept guests of a religion other than Islam. Everyone is welcome to visit and order available food. In addition to all these availabilities, there are some ethics in halal restaurants, which must be obeyed by everyone who visits.

3 Ethics of Eating in Halal Restaurants

Don't bring food & drinks from outside

As a MUIS halal certified establishment, at Permata Singapore, we are bound by MUIS Halal Certification conditions. All raw materials that we use must be Halal certified according to MUIS’s regulations.

Do not bring Alcoholic beverages

In general, Muslim consumers are advised to exercise discretion before consuming any products. All MUIS Halal certified establishments are not allowed to serve any alcoholic beverages or any related products of similar nature within their Halal certified premises.

Don't bring the pet

Although Permata Singapore is a venue with a big outdoor area, we do not permit any guests may bring their pets, including when eating at restaurants. It's better not to do that when you visit a halal restaurant. The reason is the same as in public restaurants, to maintain cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halal Ethics

Should I maintain ethics in a halal restaurant?

Maintaining good ethics is crucial in society in general, not just in a halal restaurant. Be polite and courteous to your eating companions and other guests at the restaurants. If you are unfamiliar with certain ethics, please feel free to check with our staff.

Can I bring Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Zero alcohol wine, beer or spirits)

According to MUIS Fatwa Committee regulations, even though the products contain low alcohol content (less than 0.5%) and/or have zero alcohol content and/or have its alcohol removed, the process of manufacturing the products is similar to the manufacturing of alcohol (khamr1). Most of these products have been de-alcoholised or have the alcohol content removed. The MUIS Fatwa Committee rules that these beverages are not permitted for consumption by Muslims.

Can I bring our birthday cake to the restaurant?

Feel free to bring your own cake to commemorate a special occasion; just ensure that it is certified as halal.

Can I bring Halal Non-Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beers spirits)

The Halal Non-Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beer, spirits)are Halal certified by a certifying body in other countries. These certifying bodies are guided by their own interpretations of Islamic law or halal committees in their own countries. Permata Singapore adheres to MUIS Halal certification standards which prohibit such products or similar nature products for Muslim consumption in Singapore.

I would like to have prayer before dinner, do you have a prayer room?

Gedung Kuning provides a prayer room (ruang solat) located within the restaurant premises for our Muslim Diners. Alternatively, Masjid is located 2 minutes away guests prefer to do their prayers at the mosque too.

Is there an ablution area at Gedung Kuning?

We don’t have a designated area but all of our washrooms have bidets and pipes which can be used for ablution.

What will happen if I don't observe ethics?

You may be considered impolite or disrespectful by others. Behaving without ethics can cause others to feel uncomfortable or unhappy interacting with you. In a worse scenario, not keeping ethics can lead to conflict or problems with other people. It can even cause your relationship with other people to be damaged. So, it's essential to always maintain ethics in every interaction you have.

What should I do if I see someone unethical in a halal restaurant?

If you feel comfortable, you can convey to the person that the behaviour is disrespectful or disrespectful and explain why it is not okay. If you don't feel comfortable talking to the person directly, you can seek help from our staff to mediate the matter.

We look forward to welcoming you to our halal buffet restaurant. Permata Singapore has the perfect setting for a Muslim family dinner or any gathering where you want to indulge in a variety of culinary delights.

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