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Permata Singapore Nusantara Buffet – 60 Dish Spread At Gedung Kuning

In 1864, the youngest son of the Sultan of Johor, Tengku Mahmud, named his mansion Gedung Kuning which means Yellow Mansion, after its yellow walls. Yellow is a royal colour commonly associated with Malay Sultans.

Permata Singapore Nusantara Buffet – The Spread

With over 60 Nusantara-inspired dishes for both lunch and dinner, Executive Chef Firdauz Nasir is on a mission to elevate Nusantara cuisine in Singapore while ensuring that key nostalgic dishes such as Ulam, Kerabu, and Lemang remain on the menu.

Pushing the boundaries in his cooking, Executive Chef Firdauz has added modern twists to the menu with dishes like Wagyu Beef Rendang, Ayam Binjai, Tempoyak Ikan Patin that pairs perfectly well with Nasi Bunga Telang, Permata’s Signature Blue Pea Rice.

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