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Our ultimate guide to the best halal restaurants, cafes and bakeries in Singapore

From burgers to pasta, pastries to desserts, our epic list of halal restaurants in Singapore has everything you need.

The great thing about living in Singapore is its diversity, and we’re not just talking about the people. Virtually any type of cuisine is found here – whether you’re craving Peranakan food or sticking to a vegetarian diet. Case in point: halal food. We’ve got eateries popping up all over town, with scrumptious dishes in tow. Keen to know more? Scroll down our massive list of top halal restaurants in Singapore. The feast starts here!

5. Permata

Did somebody say the best halal buffet in Singapore? Enter Permata, with its feast fit for all foodies. Celebrity chef Mel Dean has crafted a new buffet menu that pays homage to the Nusantara region. Diners can expect familiar hearty dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, all with a contemporary twist. There are over 27 dishes to choose from, featuring the chef’s signature creations and a selection of dishes that rotate weekly. Psst: outdoor live grill stations will be making an appearance too! Here’s the best part – Permata’s buffet is a one-for-one, which means you can bring someone along and enjoy the spread together.

Permata, 73 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198497

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