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Permata Singapore Launches Nusantara Buffet

Updated: May 11, 2021

The famous Gedung Kuning building has now housed the famous Permata Singapore Restaurant. The word ‘permata’ translates to jewels which is one of the many words you can use to describe the fine establishment. Located right across the Sultan Mosque, the building serves as an amazing restaurant, entertainment facility and event venue. For a limited time only, the buffet prices start from $42 per person and reservations are highly recommended.

Customers can choose from the 60 over Nusantara dishes available from the buffet, making them simply spoilt for choices! Permata Singapore is not only the first for launching the Nusantara Buffet but they’re also the first for serving up vegetarian-friendly options for their customers! Their executive chef Firdauz Nasir, wanted his customers to fully experience the true and authentic taste of Malaysian and Indonesian cooking so the ingredients used are sourced true to their nature and are fresh.

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